Terra Somatic Wellness

Integrated Healing through Relaxation, Meditation, and Visualization

Terra Somatic Wellness culitivates balance in our mind, body, and soul through Integrative Healing using relaxation, meditation, and visualization techniques.



Do you remember who you were, before society told you who to be?


We all have a light within us.


We can all live concious, healthy, grounded life styles.


We just need to relax into our light, visualize our future, and meditate on our wellness.

I’m Cheryl, your Integrated Healing Advisor and Wellness Mentor. 

I’m a Soulful Nature Lover who loves to explore the world in the most relaxing way. I’m here to guide you through relaxation exercises to rebalance your body, mind and spirit. How do I know it works? Simple. It worked for me. Guided Relaxations and Visualizations helped me overcome autoimmune disease. I was able to retrain my body to come out of a state of trauma and into a state of calm. And calm is where healing happens.


As we go through life we establish patterns.

These patterns become habits and habits become routine actions that are done without thought.

The neural pathways become deeper, more engrained, and normal.

Our society runs on autopilot, and we forget to stop and listen to what our inner world is saying.

We ignore the whispers until they become a debilitating inner storm.

We need to relax.


What is Relaxation?

Relation Definitions:

“To return to a state of equilibrium” (Physics)

“To become less rigid and tight.” (Physical)

“To observe the feeling but not react.” (Psychology)

“To solve an equation using approximate solutions until an acceptable range of errors is met.” (Mathematics)

“To let go of what is no longer serving you.” (Terra Somatic Wellness)

Integrated Healing through Relaxation

The person who is off balance is in fact the healer.

In life, we are free and devinely empowered for our choices, our lives, our inner world.

Healing comes from truly embracing the life that flows within us, letting go of what no longer serves us, listening to our intuition, and releasing our inner wisdom into the world.

Through Relaxation, Meditation, and Visualization we are able to rewire neurological patterns and release our body from identication with the pain body.

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